The reliable and sustainable solution for continuous water analysis without intervention

Analyzers designed to guarantee accurate measurement in the long run with a limited need for maintenance.

Thanks to the measurement accuracy and the reliability of our devices, you can trust your monitoring systems

Expertise in the design of analyzers based on optical measurement methods

Pioneers and experienced: DTLI has more than 30 years of experience in UV-Visible and infrared spectroscopy.

Total technical mastery and integration

DTLI analyzers are designed from A to Z by our team, and assembled in France.

Many References

We have installed analyzers all over France as well as in more than 25 countries.


Analyzers designed for functional measurement of dirty water

The use of large cross-section hoses avoids the risk of clogging of the hydraulic system.

Automatic cleaning system

Automated cleaning of elements in contact with process water (measuring cells, hydraulic circuit) reduces the need for manual maintenance.

Long-term reliability of the measurement

Automatic zero adjustment.
Automatic calibration from a standard.
Control by the user of the frequency of these operations.